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Electrical Principles


A popular book in the electrical trade industry, this is an excellent text for making electrical concepts easy to understand!

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Without doubt the best book on the market for making electrical concepts easy to understand. Beautifully presented, the book contains clear illustrations, diagrams and photographs in addition to chapter summaries, self-check questions and tutorials to provide an easy to follow guide into the world of electricity. A set text for TAFE students in the Electrical trades, and in the Electricity Fundamentals subject in the Advanced Diploma of Building Biology course at the Australian College of Environmental Studies.

Chapters include: 1 The electric circuit 2. Voltage sources. 3. Ohms law 4. Electrical power 5. Resistance and resistors 6. The series circuit 7. The parallel circuit 8. The series-parallel circuit 9. Basic meters 10. Capacitance 11. Magnetism and electromagnets 12. Electromagnetic induction 13. DC generators 14. DC motors 15. AC fundamentals 16. Pure R, L or C in an AC circuit 17. Series combinations of R, L and C 18. Parallel AC circuits 19. Single-phase power 20. Three-phase power 21. Transformers 22. Three-phase motors 23. Single-phase motors 24. Synchronous machines 25. Test equipment and batteries.

Author: Peter Phillips
Cengage Learning
third edition
Year: 2016

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