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Safe-T-Bottle – Teats (3 Pack)


Replacement teats for the Safe-T-Bottles Glass Baby Bottle. Made of 100% hospital grade silicon, they are available in 3 flow speeds! Small for newborn and Medium for 6months plus.

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The design of these teats mimics the baby’s natural feeding, reducing the incidence of colic.

Available Flow Speeds:

  • Slow : Ideal for newborn and for as long as your baby is happy with this speed of flow
  • Medium 6mths plus approximately. Your baby will let you know when you need this larger size as they will be wanting to suck more than the slow flow offers.
  • Fast flow for 12 months onwards

The Safe-T-Bottle Baby Bottle is no ordinary glass bottle! When the health of your children matters!

  • It is estrogenic free, bisphenol-A (BPA) and bisphenol-S (BPS) free. No toxic plastics have been used in this bottle.
  • Made from borosilicate tough glass originating from Germany, it will resist temperatures of up to 6000C enabling you to put it from freezing to boiling hot water without shattering.
  • The other benefit of this glass is that it has far less imperfections making it more difficult for microbes to grow and much easier to clean than ordinary glass!
  • Etching on the glass means that no toxic inks have been used on the bottle.
  • The anti-colic silicone teat has been specifically designed to reduce the incidence of colic and we are constantly reminded by parents of how good it is!

Size: 180ml (260ml also available)

Teats: this bottle comes with one low flow teat and is compatible with the Pidgeon range of teats.

Note: Low flow teat  (up to 6 months of age), medium flow teat (6+ months) and fast flow teat (9+ months).

Additional Information
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 30 cm