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My Research

My Research

I am currently undertaking a PhD at RMIT to investigate the impact of electromagnetic fields and mould in the built environment on human health. Whilst I have achieved the first two goals (below), I need to enlist citizens like you to be part of this ground-breaking study, by making a donation so that I can buy the equipment to conduct my research. In exchange for your generous donation, you will be one of the first to access the Healthy Home Survey.

Goal 1: What impact do environmental chemicals have on human health and how can clinicians assess this?
I published a literature review Environmental chemical assessment in clinical practice which highlighted the inadequacies of chemical risk management, the impact of chemicals on human health and the need for clinicians to conduct toxic load assessments in their patients, and was subsequently invited to present my findings at medical conferences in Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand.

Goal 2: How do doctors who are experts in the field of environmental medicine, assess toxicants in their patients?
The next stage of my research involved interviewing the top expert clinicians in environmental medicine. The outcome of these findings revealed the difficulties clinicians faced practicing environmental medicine, the lack of resources available and the importance of an exposure history tool to assess load. The paper is currently being reviewed by a journal.

Goal 3: Does sleeping with a router in your bedroom affect sleep quality and cognitive function?
My next project is to develop a double blind, randomised, placebo controlled trial to investigate the impact of a wireless device (router) on sleep quality in healthy adults, however I need funds to buy the equipment to conduct this research. And that’s where you can be part of this ground breaking research. Please DONATE now.

Goal 4: Can a Healthy Home Survey predict health outcomes?
I have developed a tool to assess the health of a home but need funding to test the validity of the tool. I envisage this survey will be freely available for all citizens to assess the health of their home, so that they can identify health hazards that trigger asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic inflammatory diseases. And that’s where you can be part of this ground breaking research. Please DONATE now.