Courses - Environmental Health - Building Biology
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Courses – Environmental Health

Courses – Environmental Health

We spend most of our lives working and yet most people do not enjoy their ‘job’. If you had enough money that you didn’t have to work, what would you do with your time? Would your life have meaning by becoming part of a movement of likeminded industry experts who together enhance the lives of millions of people? By gaining the latest scientific information on health hazards in the built environment, we can show you how you can become a leader in environmental health and run a successful, profitable and meaningful career. The training is conducted through the Australian College of Environmental Studies, a registered training organisation (RTO 21740) established in 1999 (

Create a Healthy Home Course

Ideal for parents, people with environmental sensitivities or health practitioners who wish to gain an insight into the health hazards in the home and their impact on human health,  this course focuses on the health hazards in the home and the simple steps to address them. You will learn about chemicals in cleaning and personal care products, mould and bacteria, electromagnetic fields, and plastics (baby bottles…).  For more detail, about the course, click hereTo enrol, click here.

Advanced Diploma of Building Biology (10194NAT)

The Advanced Diploma of Building Biology (10194NAT) is a nationally (government) accredited two year full time, four year part time course that identifies and addresses the health hazards in the built environment. Graduates become Building Biologists who are trained to conduct mould, electromagnetic field testing, drinking water recommendations, chemical, and allergen sampling as well as provide advice on how to design healthy homes to cater for people with allergies, electrical and chemical sensitivities. For more information click here. To enrol, click here.

Certificate IV in Feng Shui (10189NAT)

The Certificate IV in Feng Shui (10189NAT) is the only nationally accredited Feng Shui course in Australia. It is a ten month full time, two year part time course that has been developed to produce competent Feng Shui practitioners at the highest level. Students learn how to identify negative energies on a site, how to conduct a sacred space and geomancy audit, and through the principles of form, compass and flying star feng shui, create a home that supports the mind, body and soul. The course is primarily conducted online with some on campus field training. For more information click here. To enrol, click here.

Mould Testing Course

The Mould Testing course examines the source of moisture and the health effects arising from exposure to a water-damaged building, in addition to testing using the latest in sampling techniques. The course involves a four day on-campus program followed by a fourteen week online course which includes access to videos, peer-reviewed literature, dampness consensus documents and reports. This course is ideal for health practitioners to gain an understanding of how mould can trigger allergic and inflammation in their patients; trade persons like plumbers to identifying the sources of moisture ingression in a building; industrial hygienists and mould remediators who test mould; and building surveyors who conduct building inspections. Upon successful completion, you will receive a nationally accredited Statement of Attainment. For more information click here. To enrol, click here.

Building a Healthy Home Course

Are you designing or building your own home? Learn how to design buildings that support the health and wellbeing of the occupants that live and work within them. As part of the course you will learn how to rate building materials using the Building Biology criteria, and assess their impact on human health and the environment (embodied energy). The units of competence for this course form part of the Advanced Diploma of Building Biology (10194NAT). For more information click here. To enrol, click here.

Certificate in Electromagnetic Field Testing

This course focuses on how to identify, measure and reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields commonly found in and around buildings including extra low frequency electromagnetic fields from appliances, overhead powerlines and building wiring as well as high frequency radio/microwaves from mobile phone towers and wireless technologies. The units of competence for this course form part of the Advanced Diploma of Building Biology (10194NAT). For more information click here. To enrol, click here.

Taking an Environmental Exposure History (for Clinicians) Workshop

We get that you cant be an expert on everything, so we’ve simplified the whole environmental medical space by providing this one day workshop. The workshop has been specifically designed to enable clinicians (doctors, health practitioners, chiropractors, kinesiologists…) to take an environmental exposure history in order to identify if mould, toxicants, allergens or electromagnetic fields are impacting their patient’s health, understand the process by which building biologists test the home for electromagnetic fields, toxicants and mould, and be provided with accurate and easy tip sheets they can give to their patients to educate them about reducing their exposures to environmental hazards. For more information click here.

For more detail about any of these courses, phone the Australian College of Environmental Studies on 1300 889 845 or click here.