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Find a Building Biologist

Find a Building Biologist


Most of the answers to the questions Nicole is asked on a daily basis can be found in her book: Healthy Home Healthy Family. Whilst Nicole is not taking on any new clients, she does conduct phone/skype consultations (see below). If you wish to get your home assessed, you can find a Building Biologist in your area HERE.

Cole & Associates offer the following services:

Phone consultation with Nicole Bijlsma: $55 per 10 minutes / $150 per 30 minutes

Nicole is available to conduct phone or Skype consultations to answer questions you have about health hazards in the built environment. Her expertise lies in electromagnetic fields, toxicants and allergens like dust mites and mould. Payment method accepted is credit card over the phone. To make a booking, email: 

Building a healthy home. Package 1: $1995 (10 hours)

This audit includes up to ten hours of work, with a focus on establishing a healthy, low allergy home that has good indoor air quality, low electromagnetic fields especially in key areas like bedrooms, living spaces and study, and preventative strategies to reduce the likelihood of condensation and mould-related problems. Our consultants are experienced in building biology, and bring with them over two decades of experience in the building industry. We’ll be able to work with your architect, draftsmen or building designer to ensure the design meets your needs in relation to the health aspect of the home. After an initial one hour brief to determine your needs, resources, timeline and discussion involving your drawings, the remaining time will be spent analysing and sourcing appropriate building materials within your requirements that do not adversely impact indoor air quality or alter the natural background terrestrial radiation, low in man-made electromagnetic fields and condensation risk, whilst also taking into consideration their sustainability criteria. This will also include ideas on wiring the home, integrated pest management and insulation, as well as furnishing suggestions. This will be documented in a report. The average turn around time is 4 to 6 weeks. Should you need more time beyond the ten hours, the hourly rate is $220. Double storey homes are an additional cost (ring to arrange a quote). For commercial jobs, please obtain a quote. A 50% deposit is required to start the job and the remaining amount is due before the report is submitted.

Building a healthy home. Package 2: $1200 (5 hours)

This package is ideal if you have already passed the design stage and the plan is currently with or has been approved by council, and you just want to get an idea on finishes (paints, floor finishes, furnishings). This includes five hours of work and the average turn around time is 3 to 4  weeks. Double storey homes are an additional cost (ring to arrange a quote). The hourly rate after this is $250. For commercial jobs, please obtain a quote. A 50% deposit is required to start the job and the remaining amount is due before the report is submitted.

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P: 61 3 9844 1881