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Create a Healthy Home

Create a Healthy Home

“This is all of the information I wish I was taught to help my patients with asthma, allergies, autism and chronic fatigue syndrome when I was studying to become a naturopath”  Nicole Bijlsma

Since the 1980s, breast cancer has almost tripled, sperm count has halved, genital malformation in young boys has increased by 20%,  1 in 4 Australians experience allergies, 1 in 3 Australian children are diagnosed with autism and 75% of autistic adults end up on a support disability pension. You do the math and you can see that it is a health crisis that few people are aware of. So what has this got to do with your home? EVERYTHING!

About the Course: You will learn about the health hazards in the home from allergens like mould, pollen, house dust mite and pet dander to the latest scientific evidence on electromagnetic fields and toxicants in everyday products (the sources, adverse health effects and solutions). These hazards are contributing to the allergy epidemic, neurodevelopmental disorders like autism and hyperactivity disorder, neurodegenerative disorders like dementia and Alzheimers, and skyrocketing rates of cancers of the endocrine glands (breast, prostate…). More importantly, you will learn the simple steps to address these hazards. The course includes access to videos of the lectures, a comprehensive manual and access to a building biology tutor for 12 weeks. This is an excellent course if you are a health practitioner who wants to get to the cause of your patient’s illness, if you want to create a healthy home for your family, and/or if you are thinking about studying Building Biology. If you are still unsure, watch this video.  Video on why building biology matters.

Duration: 12 week online course approximately 120 hours in duration.

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