Designing a Healthy Home - Building Biology
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Designing a Healthy Home

Designing a Healthy Home

“This is all of the information I wish I was taught to help my patients with asthma, allergies, autism and chronic fatigue syndrome when I was studying to become a naturopath” Nicole Bijlsma

Designing a Healthy Home Course

The Design a Healthy Home course is a 24-week online program that consists of two subjects – Building Materials and Building Design (total 240 hours) and provides the knowledge to design a healthy home. This involves building material selection for health impact, condensation and mould risk, indoor air quality, sources of toxicants, and impact on the electroclimate of the home. The building biology principles that underpin good building design are described with a focus on suitable designs for temperate, hot humid and arid climates. Upon successful completion, students will receive a nationally accredited Statement of Attainment. The units of competence for this course form part of the Advanced Diploma of Building Biology (10913NAT).

Course Information

For more information on the Design a Healthy Home course, click here.