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Feng Shui

Feng Shui

“This is all of the information I wish I was taught to help my patients with asthma, allergies, autism and chronic fatigue syndrome when I was studying to become a naturopath” Nicole Bijlsma

Feng Shui Foundation Course

The Feng Shui Foundation course is a 12 week online program that provides the underpinning knowledge to implement feng shui principles in your home. Focusing on the Form and Compass school , you will learn about Qi and the art of manifestation, Five Element (Wu Xing) Theory, Four Animals, furniture placement and colour therapy, with a focus on how to set up each room in the house. In addition, you will learn how to analyse the home using the  Bagua/Compass School to enhance your career, ability to study, relationships and reputation.

You will also have a good understanding of the appropriate use of various Feng Shui remedies from water feature placement to deities, wind chimes, Bagua mirrors and so on.

More Information

For more information on the Feng Shui Foundation course, click here.