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Healthy home healthy child

Healthy home healthy child

Todays children are experiencing a world wide epidemic of learning and behavioural disorders and allergies that were not seen three decades before. Remarkably everything went pear shaped after the introduction of pesticides in our food and our home, plastics, and the 140+ million chemicals now registered for use in everyday products. In addition, the digital revolution has exposed them to radiation that are millions of times higher than what their grandparents were exposed to, and yet there are very few doctors or health practitioners that have any awareness of this or the growing body of scientific studies that are raising concerns.

About the Course: The course will focus on why children are not just little adults, but are uniquely susceptible to health hazards in your home from the chemicals in food packaging, building materials, toys and furnishings to electromagnetic fields from digital devices. You will learn why Australian children have the highest rate of allergies amongst western countries and how the home is contributing to this epidemic. More importantly we will show you how to reduce your toxic load, and use technology whilst significantly reducing their exposure to harmful radiation, and address the allergens in your home.  The course includes access to videos created from best selling author and founder of the Building Biology movement  – Nicole Bijlsma –  as well as a comprehensive manual and access to a tutor for 12 weeks. This is an excellent course for every family home.

If you are still unsure, watch this video.  Video on why building biology matters.

Duration: 12 week online course approximately 100 hours in duration.

Investment: $495

Enrol: click here