Taking an Environmental Exposure History (for Clinicians) - Building Biology
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Taking an Environmental Exposure History (for Clinicians)

Taking an Environmental Exposure History (for Clinicians)

“This is all of the information I wish I was taught to help my patients with asthma, allergies, autism and chronic fatigue syndrome when I was studying to become a naturopath” Nicole Bijlsma

Taking an Environmental Exposure History (for Clinicians) Workshop

We get that you cant be an expert on everything, so we’ve simplified the whole environmental medical space by providing this online workshop. The workshop has been specifically designed to enable clinicians (doctors, health practitioners, chiropractors, kinesiologists…) to take an environmental exposure history in order to identify if mould, toxicants, allergens or electromagnetic fields are impacting their patient’s health, explain the process by which building biologists test the home for electromagnetic fields, toxicants and mould, and be provided with accurate and easy tip sheets they can give to their patients to educate them about reducing their exposures to environmental hazards.

Time: 7 to 9.30pm (AEST Sydney time) Online (zoom) sessions.

Investment: $495 (includes Healthy Home Healthy Family book)

Dates: Tuesday evenings 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st October 2023

To book: ring 1300 889 845 or email info@aces.edu.au