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Appliances & Building Wiring

Appliances & Building Wiring


Never sleep within 2 metres of the meter box as it emits a high magnetic field which at best may only cause morning fatigue, at worse it may lead to chronic insomnia, electrical hypersensitivity or an increased risk of cancer.

If you are confused about electricity, you are not alone. No one can deny the benefit electricity has provided in modernising our way of life however over the past two centuries, science is no closer to understanding what it is. The current consensus is that electricity involves the movement of electrons along a conductor (wire). Consequently we can use it, we just don’t really understand it!

The electricity used in our buildings falls under the Extra Low Frequency band of the electromagnetic spectrum. The human body (heart and brain) as well as the earth’s magnetic field also falls into this category. However unlike the earth’s magnetic field which is a DC field (direct current), man-made electromagnetic fields use alternating current (AC) which means they travel both forwards and backwards. The 50Hz frequency used in Australia, UK and Europe (60Hz in the USA) is considerably higher than the Schuman Resonance of 7.8Hz which is the highest natural AC field humans have been exposed to prior to the ‘electrification’ of the modern world.


Whilst every household appliance that is connected to the building wiring will emit an electric and magnetic field, they will not generally be a problem unless they draw alot of current AND you spend considerable time close to them.  Appliances that draw more current such as a meter box will emit a higher magnetic field (which is why it is recommended you don’t sleep near one). For a discussion on each of these sources and their solutions, refer to the book Healthy Home, Healthy Family.


Testing for electric and magnetic fields from appliances and building wiring requires a volt stick and a 3-axis gauss meter respectively. You can do this yourself by purchasing the equipment from our shop. Be mindful however, this equipment will NOT be able to test for radio/microwave frequencies from cordless phones, mobile phones, mobile phone towers or any form of wireless technology. For details, click here.


Distance, distance, distance! As you double the distance away from the source, you will effectively reduce your exposure by 75%. Keep your bed, favourite couch and anywhere else you spend time at least 2 metres away from appliances that draw a high current such as the meter box and fridge. Specific detail is provided for each source in the book Healthy Home, Healthy Family.