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Television Topic
Broadcast date
Today Extra (Channel 9) Germ hotspots
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18 August 2016
Channel 7 News Flame retardants
September 2015
Morning Show (Channel 9) Dirty homes
6 August 2015
Today Show (Channel 9) Toxic homes
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23 June 2015
Channel 7 News Hidden nasties in the home 
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14 October 2014
Today Tonight Wi-Fi in schools 
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1 July 2014
Channel 7 News Wi-Fi fears 
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30 June 2014
Stop Smart Meter Forum Conference held at Oakleigh, Victoria
Why the authorities are not acting on electromagnetic fields 
25 November 2012

Sunrise (Channel 7)

Chemicals in makeup
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27 August 2012

Sunrise (Channel 7)

Fake tan 
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24 July 2012

Sunrise (Channel 7)

Natural cleaning
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5 December 2011
Sunrise (Channel 7)
Dirty desks
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31 August 2011
The Circle (Channel 10)
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4 July 2011
Sunrise (Channel 7) What germs lurk in your kitchen? Nicole audits a family's kitchen
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3 June 2011
Channel 7 News Interview on E Coli outbreak in Europe 3 June 2011
Sunrise (Channel 7) Allergic to plastics
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7 April 2011
Sunrise (Channel 7) Germs in ecobags
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March 2011
Today Show (Channel 9) Interview on Nicole's book: Healthy Home Healthy Family 24 November 2010
7pm Project (Channel 10)
Chemical warfare in our homes
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28 October 2010
Radio Interview / Podcast Topic
Broadcast date
2GB Sunday, House of Wellness 8 dirtiest places in the home 21 August 2016
FX Medicine podcast Sick Building Syndrome 27 July 2016
The Wellness Couch The health implications of mould 6 July 2015
Indoor Air Quality Radio (USA) Electromagnetic fields and Building Biology 18 July 2014
The Good Doctors Household plastics - are they ever safe? 2015
The Good Doctors Mouldmites 2014
ABC Adelaide BUPA's healthy home launch 15 October 2014
2HD Newcastle BUPA's healthy home launch 14 October 2014
The Good Doctors Heavy metal lead 16 May 2013
The Good Doctors Toxic home 16 May 2013
The Wellness Couch Healthy Home Healthy Family 15 July 2013
612 ABC Brisbane Sick Home Syndrome with Warren Boland 19 October 2012
Radio Out There Exposing the hazards in your home. Interview with Barry Eaton 19 July 2012
ABC Radio Sunshine Coast Interview with Nicole 29 September 2010
2UE Radio Live interview with David Oldfield 6 October 2010
4BC Live interview with John Scott and Mary Collier on Our Healthy Choice 9 October 2010
Light FM Breakfast program Live interview 13 October 2010
5aa Live interview with Leon Biner 21 October 2010
4BC Radio Breakfast Show (1116AM) Live interview with Ian Calder and Jamie Dunn 29 October 2010
FiveAA Live interview with Amanda Blair 8 November 2010
Radio out there How to live with chemicals. Interview with Barry Eaton 9 June 2011
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Broadcast Date

The dangers of BPA and how you can protect your kids
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17 August 2011
RESCU The Key to Good Health Starts at Home
View Here
11 February 2011 Article with image of book and link to radio interview with Nicole:
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29 September 2010
Nine.msn Article with quotes from Nicole Bijlsma:
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14 October 2010
Medindia on Mobile Article with quotes from Nicole Bijlsma
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30 October 2010
Name of media outlet Type of coverage and link
Published Date
ACNEM Medical Journal

Wireless Technologies - A Danger We Can't Live Without
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March 2013
Sunday Age Might not Mite
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10 March 2013
Wellbeing Magazine Healthy Home Healthy Family Book Review (Issue 134: page 117) September 2011
Nature & Health Home Safe Home (pp76 to 79) June/July 2011
Herald Sun

Article with quotes from Nicole Bijlsma
View Article Here

28 October 2010
Sunday Life (The Age) Toxic Home article (Nicole audits Sarah Wilson's home)
View Article Here
25 July 2010
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